Hi there. I’m Brian Renadette. Welcome to my web portfolio!

Click here for my resume.

Here’s where you can find me.

AdMachines articles – During 2019, I worked for an online marketing company by writing blogs for various home service websites. Here are some of the blogs I’m most proud of. You can find more of my writing on the corresponding sites if you check their other blog posts:




I’ve also written blog entries for websites such as KB Complete, Papalia Home Services, and Milltown Plumbing.

https://games.mxdwn.com/author/brian-renadette/ – This is a link to all of the reporting I have done for MXDWN. I worked there as a Video Game News Writer from April 2018 to March 2019.

http://geekisphere.com/author/brian-renadette/ – I also did reporting for Geekisphere. This link shows the articles I’ve done as a Video Game News Writer intern. I worked there under the same time frame as MXDWN.

https://www.keengamer.com/author/Brian-Renadette/ – Here’s a third website I worked for. This website had me writing guides and the occasional review for video games. I was employed here during the same time frame as MXDWN and Geekisphere.

https://techraptor.net/content/author/brenadette – A fourth website I currently write for. This one shows more of my work as a Video Game News Writer.

https://gamerant.com/author/brian-renadette/ – Another website where I wrote video game news and guides.

https://yendorianreviews.blogspot.com/ – This is a sort of “practice” blog I started in the summer of 2017. I do reviews of games on there, mostly indie PC games. I admit that I don’t update it as much since I’ve gotten into the working world, but I occasionally post something there, especially if it’s a game I’ve been looking forward to playing.

I’ve also participated in a few game jams. Here’s what I helped make.

The Longest Shortcut – A small top-down puzzle game. I helped with level design and the little bit of writing in there. However, the itch.io link doesn’t seem to work and it isn’t on there anymore.

https://lukeprogrammer.itch.io/thiefs-dreams – Thief’s Dreams – A 3D adventure game, sort of like Gone Home in you move around and explore environments. I did all the writing in this game.

http://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/42/a-bar-in-space – A Bar in Space – A game made for Ludum Dare 42. The theme was “Running Out of Space.” I did the writing for the aliens.

Lost Cause – A conceptual game made for The Tenth Creative Games Jam. You explore a dreamlike forest and try to find a way out (there is none; the first theme of the jam was “Trapped”.) I did the writing for the NPCs and objects, while my partner worked on the rest of the details. Unfortunately, due to some issues submitting the game, it didn’t get ranked. The link also no longer works.

https://monqo.itch.io/the-sin-of-pride – The Sin of Pride – Made for My First Game Jam Summer 2019, where the optional theme was “Pride.” As well as doing the in-between stage writing, this marked my first time doing pixel art (via Piskel.)

https://itch.io/jam/yogscast-game-jam-2020/rate/844873 – Knight Fu – A game made for the Yogscast Game Jam 2020, with the theme being “Surprise.” I did the Princess’s lines at the end. We wound up running low on time and had some unimplemented features, but it still turned out good.

https://jivechameleon.itch.io/plus-one-witches – Plus One Witches – A game made for the Pompous Trash Jam by the Society of Play. I did the writing for this game about love, heartbreak, and macabre magic.

Bigger video game projects:

Monochrome RPG – This represents my first role in a “major” video game outside of a game jam. Monochorme RPG is a 1920’s-themed RPG that’s planned to be a trilogy. I got onto the team by winning third place in a character design contest where participants write a short story revolving around their own original characters. On the team, I’ve helped flesh out characters for side quests, led a group that built the history of one of the game’s factions, and assisted with other worldbuilding tasks. Here’s a couple of things I made during my time with them: